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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Still here making things!

Have you seen "Frozen"? We haven't seen it yet. We tend to wait until movies come to DVD to see them. It costs so much to go to the movies, and we choose to spend our money on other things. Like fabric! Nevertheless, Lily17 trawled the net to find out what "Frozen" characters looked like. Apparently this is Anna. Lily17 was Anna when she went to a "Frozen" dance on Friday night. She made the costume herself.

My sewing area is getting more set up and I even did the appliqué on Lily17's vest above. I am crocheting and working on a hand appliqué I started at a class at Hettie's Patch. The class was with the Quilted Crow girls from Tassie and I couldn't resist attending because I met the Crow girls in Tassie last April and loved their wool appliqué. 

That's my wool appliqué hanging on my new pinboards set up in my sewing room come living room. So much has happened since I posted here last. Lots of birthdays. (I turned 50! How weird is that?) And other happenings. I hope to post again soon. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I bought a magazine and it had an article in it about kantha. It is a traditional Indian method of reusing worn fabrics. A way to make them good again. They would take two worn fabrics and stitch them together with decorative running stitches to make a new, stronger fabric which they could use. Of course I didn't find worn fabric, I got some perfectly good fabric out from my stash! Then I started stitching. It was so much fun! I am planning to do this some more. As soon as I get my sewing space better set up. Want to know what I did with my pinboards? Check out this post at A Making Life!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

making and unpacking...

Christmas? Nah, it's not on my horizon at the moment. We are making and unpacking. I seriously can't contemplate getting ready for Christmas until my sewing room is unpacked. I know I don't have long till Christmas, but my mantra always is "It's not Christmas Eve yet is it? Well what are you worried about?" Perhaps there will be no gingerbread men or houses this year, but that will just make them all the more exciting next year, right? That's what I'm going with. I hope you are having a lovely time preparing for Christmas and I'll just get on with this unpacking.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sewing this week. For a market next week.

 See, there has been sewing happening at my place this week. Proof. Evidence. Photographic evidence even.

But it's all Picklesticks' (Jessica) sewing. Not mine. Want an animal mask for the small people in your life? If you're in Adelaide come to the Jazzy Christmas Market at Unley town hall Tuesday from 4pm to 9pm and buy one, or like Picklesticks on Facebook and check them out there!

There is also this sewing going on. Lily16 is sewing a red and white Christmas dress. The blue and white print is a dress she made a few months ago. She loves it so much she is making a Christmas dress just like it.

Oh. And this is my contribution to making this week. Pop stick Christmas trees. They are supposed to be painted. Any minute now...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The sky.

 I'm not sure whether there is more sky here or whether I just notice the sky a whole lot more because there are so few buildings in front of it. Every day I am busy noticing the sky. And maybe during the summer it will look similar every day, but it sure looks different all the time at the moment.

full moon. colourful sky

One evening I was out hanging-out/bringing-in the washing and felt I should grab my camera and take some shots. All of these shots are views from my clothesline. I'm not a huge fan of doing the washing generally speaking, but I'm becoming a fan here.

Then Tuesday this week a storm cloud was rolling in. We are living in a rain shadow so we don't get as much rain as other areas around here. I'm not sure what I thought that meant, but we have had lots of days with rain since I moved here. The contrast in the sky, so blue on one side and so dark on the other side was astonishing. Perhaps this photo doesn't show it so well. We have had rainbows and all sorts this week. I'm pretty sure that my craft blog is not really the place for these photos, so I'm thinking of making a photo blog. I like the idea of taking a photo every day and recording this place, this life I'm living. 

There is making going on here at the moment though, so I'll be back tomorrow with more crafty photos!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

I'm so tired… (it's December, and other impossibilities)

this quilt again. still working on it. no idea where it is right now. in a box?

I'm off for a nap in a minute (it's ok, I'm a nanna - well, a "Ma" - and I am officially allowed to do nanna naps) but I just thought I would quickly blog about the impossibility of today being December the first. I often think about blogging, but then something else takes my attention and the day slips away. So, here's the blogpost right now. Photo and all!

Today is Joseph's birthday. He is my third child and it was a hot day the day he was born. Today is overcast and showery, a real contrast, just like my boy. He was 10 pounds and 10 ounces. That was very different from child one and two. He was a boy. Different from the girls. And he was born with blonde hair which made him look very different from his dark haired sisters. He was quite a shock to the system, but a wonderful shock. Now he is a grown up, with a wife, a mortgage and a dog. Another impossibility. (Can I really be that old?)

Today's theme seems to be impossibilities. Here's another. It seems impossible to me that my sewing room will ever be organised and operational. The only cheerful bit about that statement is that today is full of impossibilities so I quite expect it to happen at some point. Off to nap!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A house in the country...

 Whew! This past month or so has been so busy for us. We moved. To Adelaide. All that packing and cleaning and just getting stuff from here to there has been exhausting! We moved in dribs and drabs with four of us moving first. Then another two. And the last one (my Bradley) is finishing up in Melbourne at the moment.

These are the views from my clothesline. It is so peaceful here. I think I like living "in the middle of nowhere" as my grandson says.

And the kids have played and played and played. Now I just have to alter my "pop-to-the-shop" attitude and I'll be right. (We're seriously not that far from the shops, but the trips add up!)

The sewing room isn't set up yet and I still have boxes everywhere, but hopefully that will all change this week. And maybe I will get to set foot inside a quilt shop near our new home too!