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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of three who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I love to stitch, or embroider, or whatever you call it. When I was younger I used to say I'll learn to embroider when I retire, but the opportunity presented itself before then so I took it. I find handwork really relaxing. I also like the look of machine free motion embroidery. I often think one day I'll try that. I'm not much into trying new things. Earlier this year I joined a swap on Instagram. A hoop swap. (Are you in love with Instagram? I love all the pretty pictures there!) I decided to make a pretty hand stitched scene for my partner and that was that.

I also tried a crocheted covering for the hoop. I had pinned this on Pinterest ages ago and was thrilled to have the opportunity to try it out. I don't usually try these things for myself. I have to be "pushed" into it! After the swap date had come and gone I got a message on Instagram asking if I could be an angel for someone who had sent a hoop, but not received one in return. I was happy to do it and felt the pressure of a self-imposed deadline. It was sad that this person didn't have a hoop and I wanted to make one as quickly as possible for her. So I began to consider making a free motion embroidered scene for this second hoop. (Quick, right!) With a little hand embroidered embellishment. This is what I came up with. 

It was so much fun to make! I also crocheted a hoop cover for this one (It was easy to do!) and I really loved this one. I liked the first one, but the second one is my favourite. I (almost) wished I kept it. I figured I could easily make another for myself, but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet. I am keen to try some more free motion embroidery. Hopefully I'll try it again soon.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Such a long time!

I went to a class at Hetties Patch last weekend and ran into someone who I had met years ago and she said she used to keep up with me on my blog, but I don't do that any more. I was a bit stunned because I often think about blogging, but I never quite get there. Part of it is fatigue (I moved three times in thirteen months!) and part of it is not having access to a computer to blog on. I have my iPad always at the ready but have found blogging on that difficult. So today I woke up and thought, that's it! I love this blog and the record it is of my doings I'm just going to try harder to use the iPad and be done with it! So here I am blogging. Weird, huh?

I lifted some photos from my iPad for this post. This is my Sue Daly "Pies and Tarts" quilt in progress some months ago. Actually, now that I look at it closely I see that this photo was taken in the townhouse we lived in for four months in North Adelaide. That was immediately after we left the farm. The best thing about the farm was it was in the middle of nowhere. I loved the quiet. And not being able to see anyone else. I loved the Kangaroos I could see every day around the property and I loved the "big sky". And the worst thing about the farm was it was in the middle of nowhere. It was a 25 minute drive to the bus stop and I had to make that trip twice a day with my two university girls. It was too much! So we moved almost to the centre of Adelaide which was in direct contrast with the country experience. I loved it! We could walk everywhere! A free bus into the city took off two houses away from us and we really loved it there. We "did" so many more things there even though we were only there for a short time. Everything was in walking distance. The Botanic gardens, the zoo, the city, museums, the art gallery etc. Trying to park your car was a nightmare for us and visitors, especially when there was an event on at Adelaide Oval because they have more onerous restrictions during events, but I did a lot more walking there! We were sad to leave that location, but really felt like we needed to move closer to our grandkids and so we are living in the Adelaide Hills now. We moved here eight months ago (so long now!) and I STILL have things in boxes. Sigh! Anyway, I have been sewing and making and I intend to keep sewing and making and recording my life here at "Rosemary Hill" even if it's just for me to read and remember! 

This photo shows more progress on the Pies and Tarts quilt. It's officially huge these days and I am busy practicing my free motion quilting so that I can do a better job on this beauty. After all, 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's a journey.

This is what I have been working on over the last month. "Aunt Bettina's Parlour" by Quilted Crow Girls Designs. I started it I can't remember when at a class at Hettie's Patch earlier this year. I am enjoying hand stitching! It's all very relaxing and fun.

This year is all a bit of a blur. Every year I am amazed at the beginning of every month to realise that another month has flown by. This year it is even worse. We left Melbourne last November, but it seriously only seems like a month or two ago, not the eight months it really is. I miss Melbourne a lot. Well, the place a little, but mostly the friends I made there. 

When we moved back to South Australia eight months ago we decided to do something different. Why not? We decided to move to the country. We are just renting so this would be an opportunity to see if country life is for us without too much of a commitment. Our current home is on seven acres, and is on a dirt road. (Can't get more country than that!) When we moved in we couldn't see any houses from our house. We are surrounded by paddocks. Paddocks that are full of rabbits, foxes and kangaroos and also cattle and sheep. Now we can see a house on the hill opposite our hill. It is in the process of being built. And do you want to know something funny? In the tradition of South Australia (it's a small place people) we know the people building the new house. They will move in in the next month or two. What are the odds that we would know them? In Victoria not great. In South Australia, pretty much even. 

This is our backyard. So, after eight months, how do we like country living? So-so. There are some things I love. Like living in the middle of nowhere! And some things I am completely sick of. Like living in the middle of nowhere! I love the quiet. (Well, except for the cows and sheep. Boy are they noisy!) But I am sick of having to drive 20 kilometres to the bus stop to drop kids off. (I know that that is not really a long drive, but it seems long to me!) Sometimes I make the 40km round trip three times a day which is crazy, but necessary. So I'm hoping to move again when our lease is up. Where to? Right now I have no idea. 

We moved back to South Australia to help our daughter. She is one of the most brilliant and capable young women I know. Always has been. She does have a huge challenge though, her son has special needs. Without the regular support of extended family this special boy's challenges were overwhelming for her. As he has gotten older, and bigger, the challenges have grown too. So now we are nearby to help. We have him come stay at our house one day a week each week. This gives her a break and an opportunity to do something other than look after him. He has behavioural problems which are really hard work. Of course, he is still wonderful along with it. Last month was a big month for him. His doctor prescribed him medication. His mother has resisted this course of action previously because she wanted to try every non-invasive way of helping him first. This was the next step. He has reacted really well so far and we hope this will give him a chance to learn and practise better behaviours. 

This is him helping his sister last week, which seems an ordinary thing but is quite amazing for him. 

So, I am still here. Working on sewing projects, babysitting my grandchildren and watching kangaroos in my front yard, in the side paddocks and on the other side of the hill. I have many new projects floating around in my head. I have attended a class and improved my free motion quilting somewhat, and I am contributing to a market that my girls are doing this month. Oh. And we built a tiny house. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

I finished this quilt. Finally.

I thought I would never finish this quilt, but today I did it. I started it back in August 2013 and thought it wouldn't take long. Do I always think that? I love it. I love the fabric. I love the circles. I love the flowers. I love the quilting. I quilted circles around (and in some of) the circles, pebbles in all the frames, and a large free motion flower in each of the "empty" circles.

In other news, my friend who I gifted this quilt to two years ago (I was surprised that it was so long ago when I looked back through my blog, it seems like the other day.) passed away last week. She lived across the road from us in Melbourne and it's a little bit heartbreaking that I couldn't just walk next door this week and attend her funeral. (We used to live next door to the church her funeral service was conducted in) The last time I spoke to her was in a paddock here. I missed her a lot. We had lots in common and thought the same way about lots of things despite a 25 year age gap. Just looking at the photo of this quilt reminds me of life two years ago. It was such a good time!

Friday, 2 May 2014

I finished it!

Last Friday night I crocheted like a demon and finished this rug! It's hard to believe that it took me so long to blog about it, cause here it is Friday night again.

Every week is so busy at my house. We have two girls at Uni this semester. They are back into it this week after a teaching break which means lots of trips to the bus stop. We are twenty-five minutes drive from the bus stop so there is lots of driving. One of the reasons we moved back to South Australia was to be with our grandchildren more and we have our grandson sleep over every Sunday night. That means that Monday is a very busy day here. This past Sunday we had our grandson and his two sisters sleep over. They don't like to miss out so occasionally we have them stay over too. They are so much fun!

It's so nice to have a finish! I am still working on the Anna Maria Horner quilt. I'm keen for another finish. I have a pile of quilt tops just begging to be finished so I see a lot of quilting in my future!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sewing room

Last November we moved house. This week I managed to do some quilting, the first for six months. I don't think I want to move house ever again. It took me so long to get organised. I'm not sure why. Ok. I say "organised" loosely. I'm not really organised completely yet, but I'm now organised enough to sew. We have just one living room in this house (the last house had four) and I have had the furniture arranged every way possible! Look at my photos for the latest!

Oh. And you can see the quilt I am working on in the first shot. I began quilting it last year in Melbourne, and it's nearly finished now. Here it is.

So I'm sewing again. And hopefully finishing some things too!

Monday, 14 April 2014

It's getting bigger!

When we first moved back to South Australia in November last year (seems just like the other day, but it's months ago now.) I didn't have any sewing or handwork unpacked. My crochet I was working on had to be left behind in Melbourne and packed a month or so later by my Bradley. Still haven't found it yet. (The last boxes to be packed were not labelled and were all full of random items.) I knew before we moved that I had too much stuff, but I know it much more now! We lived in a huge house in Melbourne and the house here is tiny! Anyway, back in November I had nothing to work on, so my first day here I popped to the new local Spotlight (it's tiny and has so little choice, my last local was ginormous) and bought some yarn and a crochet hook and began crocheting a rug. It's getting bigger, but isn't a good shape yet to finish it off. I recently bought second balls of all the yarn (had to go to two Spotlights to find them!) so that I can finish it. It's big enough now to keep my lap warm as I crochet. It's autumn here and becoming cooler so it's more enjoyable to crochet now. Can't wait to finish this rug!